Snowplowing Proposal 2023

Town of Kossuth

Manitowoc County, WI

Request for proposals for snowplowing Town roadways


October 9, 2023

The Town of Kossuth, Manitowoc County, WI is accepting proposals until 5 PM on October 17, 2017 to provide snowplowing services for the Town. The snowplowing season is typically November through April but may vary.

The scope of work shall be to plow snow from all Town Roads and spread salt / sand road treatment as required covering approximately 62 centerline miles of roadway, the Town Hall at 129 Packer Drive Francis Creek, the Town Recycling Center at 8423 Stone Road and two dry hydrants.

Contractor shall maintain equipment in an operable and suitable condition to perform work efficiently and provide adequately trained and qualified operators for the equipment. Contractor must have a suitable facility for equipment housing and maintenance during the plowing season. Contractor shall also have a suitable area to accept salt and sand deliveries, mix salt and sand at the prescribed ratio, and store raw materials as well as mixture for use. Contractor shall be responsible to mix and load mixture onto trucks for use and store any materials left over at the end of a season.

The Town shall be responsible to supply and deliver road salt and diesel fuel. Salt will be delivered in approximately     22-ton loads.

The minimum equipment to be available for plowing and surface treatment operations shall be:

  • Two plow trucks with one way front blade, wing, and sand / salt spreader (municipal style patrol truck)
  • One tri axle plow truck with one way front blade, wing, and sand / salt spreader
  • One road grader or Oshkosh truck with plow and wing for widening
  • One end loader

Contractor shall maintain adequate liability insurance for operations and Workers Compensation insurance and hold the Town harmless for any incidents that may occur.

Contractor shall be responsible for any damage caused through services provided such as, but not limited to: mail box strikes, wheel ruts, slide off, or roadside utilities.

Call out for service shall be at the discretion of the Town Board and made by Town Board Members. Contractor shall be available for call out at any time during the plowing season. Employee supervision is the responsibility of the contractor. Complaints are to be directed to the Town Board for disposition.

Invoicing shall be monthly and be itemized by hours per piece of equipment used, tons of sand salt mix used, and by where used (Roadway, Town Hall, and Recycling Center) as well as fuel consumed. Invoices will be reviewed and paid at monthly Board meetings. There shall be no service charges applied for unpaid invoices received less than three days prior to a regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.

Within the proposal the contractor is to provide:

  • Hourly rates for each piece of equipment with operator
  • Manufacturer, model, year, and hours or miles on each piece of equipment (if available)
  • Overtime rates (labor) if, and when applicable
  • Proof of insurance or ability to obtain
  • Description of facilities
  • Availability of equipment and facilities for inspection by the Board
  • Available references from customers


Contractor should specify the minimum number of plowing seasons desired and any deviations needed from these specifications.


Proposals are to be sealed, marked as “snowplowing proposal”, and delivered to:

Town of Kossuth

5317 Danmar Road

Whitelaw, WI  54247


Questions regarding these specifications may be directed to Chairman Ralph Schuh at townkossuth@yahoo.com or by calling 920-732-3772.



The Town Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or any part(s) thereof, at its sole discretion, based upon contractor reputation, financial responsibility, past performance, deviations from scope, suitability of equipment or facilities, waive any informalities in the process, and to accept the proposal deemed most advantageous to the Town.