Garbage and Recycling

Kossuth Transfer Station

8423 Stone Rd.

Transfer Station Hours:  Saturdays 7:30 am – 1:30 pm.  Wednesday 3:00pm  - 5:00pm

Recycling is mandatory

Stickers can be purchased at the transfer station for a cost $2.00/sticker.  One sticker is required for a 30 gallon bag or smaller.  Two stickers are required for bags larger than 30 gallons and smaller than 55 gallons.  Other items will be charged as follows:

Chairs $ 5.00
Couches, Dressers, Recliners $15.00
Couches with Sleepers $20.00
Twin mattress or box spring $5.00
Full mattress or box spring $ 10.00
King/queen mattress or box spring $15.00

All building material & misc. furniture will be charged at the discretion of the recycling staff.

Recycling remains the same.

Glass (excluding window glass) has to be clean with caps and rings removed and must be separated by color; clear, green and brown.
Tin cans must be rinsed and flattened.
Plastics with symbols 1 and 2 on the bottom, in bottle form only.  Caps must be removed and jugs must be flattened.
Iron Box is provided for small amounts of waste tin and iron.  Large amounts should be taken to a local salvage yard.
Paper Box accepts, newspapers, magazines, office papers, and cardboard.  Cardboard must be flattened.
Waste Oil Tank, motor oil only.
Oil filters can no longer be put in the compactor and are collected separately.
Engine coolant is also collected as a separate item.
Aluminum cans are accepted. Lead acid automotive batteries are also accepted.
Tires are accepted for the following fees:

Lawn mower/motorcycle tire (with rim) $ 2.00 ($4.00)
Car tire  (with rim) $ 4.00 ($8.00)
Truck tire (with rim) $ 6.00 ($12.00)
Semi & small tractor tire (with rim) $11.00 ($22.00)
Anything over 28” (with rim) $28.00  ($46.00)

Ashes will only be accepted in a plastic bag.

Entering the Transfer Station or dropping items at the gate when closed is trespassing and violators will be fined.

Also see Manitowoc County Recycling Center website for recycling of items not received by the town.