Town of Kossuth history

As early as 1840, a well-worn trail existed through the town over which Indians frequently traveled in the early days, carrying copper from the north to the Milwaukee area.  The first settlers were Frenchmen who came and built log shanties.  After that, settlers arrived from many other countries of Europe.

In 1852, Kossuth, including what is now the Town of Cooperstown, was set off from Manitowoc Rapids.  The community was named in honor of the Hungarian Revolutionary War General Kossuth, through the vote of the settlers.

Originally the land in Kossuth was covered with dense forest of pine, maple, and other timber.  The settlers toiled for many years to clear the land and create the farm fields of today.

The Town of Kossuth is located within four watersheds:  West Twin River, Branch River, Lower Manitowoc River, and East Twin River watersheds.  These watersheds are part of the Lake Michigan Basin.

There are a total of 5,138 acres of woodlands within the Town of Kossuth.  These woodlands cover approximately 21 percent of the town.

Prime agricultural soils are considered areas of land that contain the best combination of physical and chemical characteristics for growing crops.  Prime agricultural soils are scattered throughout the Town of Kossuth and cover 10,546 acres of the town.

  • According to the 2008 land use inventory conducted by Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission, the Town of Kossuth contains approximately 15,154 acres of crop and pasture land.  These agricultural lands makeup 61 percent of the town’s land.

The Town of Kossuth contains nearly 89 miles of roadway.  The Town is responsible for maintaining 65 miles of that total.

The Central Brown County Water Authority pipeline runs through the Town of Kossuth.  This 65-mile water pipeline transports Lake Michigan water from the City of Manitowoc to several communities around Green Bay.

Fire protection for the town is provided by four volunteer fire departments.  The Rockwood Fire Department provides service to the southeastern portion of the town.  Francis Creek Fire Department covers northeastern Kossuth, Kellnersville Fire Department protects the northwestern portion of the town, and the Branch Fire Department provides coverage for the southwestern corner of the town.

Rescue services for the Town of Kossuth are provided by Manitowoc Fire and Rescue and Mishicot Ambulance.  Manitowoc Rescue provides service to the area west of I-43 in the town, while Mishicot Ambulance covers the area east of I-43 in the town.  Francis Creek, Kellnersville, and Branch First Responders also provide emergency services for the town.

The Town of Kossuth is part of three public school districts:  Manitowoc Public School District, Mishicot School District, and Reedsville School District.